OpenSID ingår i alla mina trim, det ger dig ett stort antal diagnostiska värden som visas i din SID.

Värden som exempelvis varvtal, hästkrafter, vridmoment m.m.   
Håll in + och – samtidigt på din SID så öppnas menyn för OpenSID. Navigera runt med + och -.      
 Återgå till standardläge genom att trycka på + och – samtidigt.
2006 eller senare ska du trycka och hålla in knappen PLAY och sedan samtidigt med knappen SRC.





  Intressanta värden

mReq Requested Airmass

Visar hur mycket luft som styrenheten begär.

Dela med 3,1 så får ni vridmomentet.

mAir Measured Airmass

Visar hur mycket luft motorn egentligen får. (Bra vid läckagesökning)

Ex. 1250/3,1= 403Nm

Pdif Turbo pressure (mBar)

Laddtryck i millibar, dvs 1100 är 1,1bar

 I visa filer ligger den som nummer 16 och heter "Ladd".

Pbef Pressure at the intake manifold (mBar)  
Pair Athmospheric pressure (mBar)  
Peng Calculated engine power (cv)  
nErr Number of errors on the ECU  
Fcod Last error registered in the ECU  
Miss Missfires detected  
KnkD Knock detected (knock)  
LIMP LIMP mode It's necessary to check the source of the problem and reset the throttle body
Name on SID Description
Rpm engine speed (parameter is fixed at no. 1 position)
Peng engine power in HP
  only displays the correct value with a calibrated nominal torque
Meng engine torque in Nm
  only displays the correct value with a calibrated nominal torque
Teng temperature cooling fluid
Tair temperature intake air
TClc calculated exhaustgas temperature
  the result of a calculation in the ECU, nót a measured value
ECMS calculated catalyst temperature
  the result of a calculation in the ECU, nót a measured value
TTCM oil temperature automatic gearbox
   works on 5 speed boxes only, not on 4 speed boxes
Pair air pressure outside
Pbef pressure between turbo en throttle body
Pinl pressure in intake manifold
Pdif difference between pressure in  laaddruk in intake manifold and pressure outside
  displays real boost or vacuum pressure
PWM dutycycle of the bypass valve
  signals how much air is lead to the wastegate actuator and how much air is lead back to the cobra (inlet before the turbo)
Badp adaptation of the boostpressure
mReq requested airmass in milligrams on a single combustion
mAir achieved airmass in milligrams on a single combustion
Igna ignition point in degrees before top dead center of the piston
Ioff adjustment of the ignition point in degrees
  could be caused by knock, high or low intake temperatures, high or low cooling fluid temperatures
KnkD number of detected knocks
  can be displayed for a single cylinder
  knock detection often occurs long before a real knock is measured as a precaution
Miss incomplete / failed combustions
  usually occurs after a sudden release of the throttle (after W.O.T.)
Actu battery power in Volts
tSta starttime
  time between drop in battery power (1,0V) and achieved goal of 1.000 RPM
Aadd additive adaptation
  fuel adaption while running stationary could be caused by a vacuum leak
Mlow lowest torque allowed by ECU limiters
nErr number of stored errors
Fcod error codes for stored OBD errors in decimals
  recalculated to hex a known code can be found, 4882 will be P1312 as an example
Xacc pedal position in %
Kph1 vehicle speed measured on the left front wheel
Ca85 percentage of ethanol in the fuel tank
  only for Biopower software
Disp if you feed a 0-5 volt signal from a wideband lambda to the ECU’s pin 16 you can display the signal in AFR or lambda
Mode pressing SET on the SID for a short while lets you select other parameter lists